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Taprobane Tours and Travels, Sri Lanka

Although the company was only established in the year 2009, the owner of the business, NishanthaWeragoda brings a wealth of travel experience and a comprehensive knowledge of this wonderful island.

Having worked in United Kingdom in a service oriented business for many years and since his return to the island in the year 1992, he initially joined VIP Tours and laterJet wing Travels and gained vast experience in inbound travel.

Taprobane Tours and Travels is a medium scale family run business and their main objective is providing quality service to all their guests in all aspects of travel, catering to any kind of traveller with any type of budget.

The Company offers a comprehensive selection of tours, showcasing the very best of the island, specializing in individual bookings (FIT) and small group tours for both leisure clients and incentive trips. Sri Lanka feature very high on the wish list of many people and is recognized as a superb value destination for companies looking to reward their staff or clients.

The biggest attraction of Sri Lanka is its people. The Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims are all friendly by nature and the country has an unblemished record for hospitality. It is a land of smiles and warm welcome, observed by Anton Chekov, Bernard Shaw and Sir Arthur C. Clarke, who made Sri Lanka his home and the inspiration for at least two of his books. It is known as a land of tolerance that has been tempered over the years by the teachings of the Buddha. Sri Lanka still beckons as a land of splendor far beyond the limits of a tropical isle. In laymen's terms it most definitely punches above its weight and there's no better way to experience it than as a guest of Taprobane Tours and Travels.

Contact: Nishantha Weragoda Anuradhi Wickrema

info@taprobanetoursandtravels.com Email - taprobane@taprobanetoursandtravels.com

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